Universities offer expertise in Medical Research, Medical Technologies and Healthcare across a range o fareas such as nutrition, obesity and ageing. Collaboration is available in produce design and trials working with our internationally recognised research teams.

Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing

Technological, therapeutic and psychological research into the arrest of age related decline, specifically psychological context related to sensory, cognitive and vascular bodily functions.


Medarwar Center for Healthy Ageing (University of Birmingham)

Major resaerch themes include cardiovascular, dental and immune systems as well as the mental and social impacts.


Cancer Research (University of Birmingham)

A major Cancer Research UK Centre of Excellence. Part of the largest and most experiences medical school in the region. Ranked consitently in the top 10 in the UK. Collaborative research and clinical trials in gene therapy and stem cell research.


Warwick Medical School

Clincial Trials Unit - performance of new drugs and physical therapies.


School of Life & Health Sciences (Aston University)

Neurosciences/brain imaging - expertise in MEG, MRI and other technolgogies to examine brain function, processes and disease - links to NHS & drug companies.

Medicines research including drug formulation and delivery - links to pharmaceutical compaines.

Optometry - function, processes and disease of the eye including development of contact lens technlogy and age related macular degneration.


Cancer Research (University of Wolverhampton)

Expertise in brain tumour cancer.


Aston Brain Centre

An integrated research environment for the study of neurodevelopment in health and disease. Its mission is to develop translational applications of fundemental neurophysiological research to clinical service provision.