Universities in the West Midlands are a positive force for influence and economic, social and cultural well-being and public benefit. 

  • The total revenue of West Midlands higher education institutions was £1.95 billion in 2011–12. Through knock-on effects they generated an additional £2.6 billion in other industries throughout the UK, with the majority (£1.9 billion) in the region.
  • West Midlands Universities provided 23,674 full-time equivalent jobs across a range of occupations and skill levels and generated a further 25,361 full-time equivalent jobs outside the universities, with most of these (19,451) based in the region.
  • Combined with the spending of their international students and students from other parts of the UK, regional GVA of £2.9 billion was generated, equivalent to 3% of total 2011 West Midlands region GVA.
  • West Midlands Universities attracted 76,580 students from other parts of the UK to study in the region and 36,140 students from outside the UK to study in the region.
  • West Midlands Universities produce over 45,000 graduates each year, who become the workforce for a wide range of manufacturing, professional and creative industries and public services.
  • 57% of UK based graduates from West Midlands Universities chose to stay and work in the region, providing valuable talent and knowledge to a range of industries in the West Midlands.