Advocacy and communications

We seek to be an organisation that is recognised as offering a valuable forum for open and dynamic debate with government and policy-makers. Our breadth and diversity represents a microcosm of Higher Education in the UK, where a diversity of views is acknowledged and accommodated. We work to raise the profile of higher education in the West Midlands and of Universities West Midlands as an organisation which can add value to regional and national debate around key issues.

Engagement in the region

We recognise the important role of Local Enterprise Partnerships, within and bordering the West Midlands region, as partners in harnessing the best of skills development, knowledge and research from our member universities. We will seek to grow our relationship with the LEPs, working together to meet the skills and knowledge needs that are foundations to regional success. 

Collaboration and business engagement

We are built on the foundations of the first West Midlands regional HE association which was formed in 1999 to foster collaboration and build regional partnerships. Through our structures we identify and evaluate opportunities at strategic and operational levels where there are benefits through taking collaborative action.

Stakeholders and influence

We focus our efforts on growing our relationships with key stakeholders at regional and national levels, through arranging UWM events and producing targeted promotional material and evidence.  Our key stakeholders include:

  • Government departments at local and national level, most particularly those with interests in higher education, science, research, skills, growth and regional policy.
  • UK and European politicians, particularly those with a base in the region or an interest in higher education and associated areas.
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships.
  • Higher Education policy-making, funding and national service-delivery organisations.

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